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Thread: ANNOUNCEMENT - EB multiplayer

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    Post ANNOUNCEMENT - EB multiplayer

    ANNOUNCEMENT - EB multiplayer

    Due to the popularity of EB multiplayer, the threads for EB MP are going to get their own forum here. Well, actually we are moving them to the old Campus Martius forum. But since there is nobody there, it's ours now.

    I'll be moving the threads there shortly. As you can see, a link has been created at the top of the EB1 forum. Ideas, suggestions and guides for our new place are very welcome.

    Have fun!
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    That's a good idea.
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    Thanks Ludens, you did good. I'm glad and thanks for the re-direct link on EB sub-forum. This will make it easier for people to follow the action and progress of the multiplayer scene. It'll certainly make it easier for those managing the multiplayer threads and syncing the data between the forum threads, the website, and other media.


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    I agree with the above. Thank you, Ludens.


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