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Thread: EBOT 2013 July

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    Default EBOT 2013 July

    Europa Barbarorum Online Tournament 2013 July


    ID: 100-792-846
    Pass: eb



    A win grants one point. A loss deducts one point. Highest net score wins.

    Sign up by replying to this post. Announce your faction. You may only change your faction if you have yet to play your first battle. You may register at any time before or during the month.

    Reporting Games
    Winners must report their games on the ladder. On the report form, make sure to browse for and upload your replay file. Winners are also recommended to reply to this forum thread to announce their victory and who their opponent was, as a courtesy. Note: The ladder may corrupt your replay file. There is currently no known fix for this. You are recommended to upload to a third-party site since it may be the only option.

    You may appeal a loss in the form of a reply to this forum thread. Other players can review the replay and take note of any relevant violations that may disqualify the victory.

    Press ~ to expand the chat log in-game; take screenshots of the log. Send me a PM with screenshots and we will deal with the issue accordingly, in a mature manner.

    Registered Players
    Player Faction
    ??? ???

    Score Reports
    Report 1 (TBA)
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    Default Re: EBOT 2013 July

    I shall Lead the charge with the Saka

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    Default Re: EBOT 2013 July

    Alright, I'll try again this month as Sweboz. I should have more available time now.
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    I'm down with taking Romani.

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    Default Re: EBOT 2013 July

    Romani for me too .

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    i m not camping , its elegant strategy of waiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazy O View Post
    Romani for me too .
    Is this real life?

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    Default Re: EBOT 2013 July

    so, officially dead then ?

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    Default Re: EBOT 2013 July

    Sic transit gloria mundi.
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