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Thread: Greeting fron Germany

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    Default Greeting fron Germany

    Hello to all!
    It's quite some time since I've been active in an Internet-Forum (Hey, I've got a phone - why spend time writing?), so let me apologize beforehands for being a little bit clumsy here ;-)
    The first time I stumbled over TW was ROME, which I enjoyed pretty much. After that BI & some Mods - and then MED with it's official Mods like the Americas-Campaign. I did some modding on BI those days (nothing too serious). I "re-discovered" TW again while researching for a "histo-tainment" Comic-Book on Amazons that I made called THEMISKYRA!, the Mod "Amazons - Refulgent" to be precise. I'll have to congratulate the team that developed that mod (looks like Partian Shot did most of it) for doing such an impressive and well researched Job :-)


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    Default Re: Greeting fron Germany

    Welcome to the Org, -Nietzsche-!
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    Default Re: Greeting fron Germany


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    Default Re: Greeting fron Germany

    Welcome to the org herr nietzsche ;-) i hope you enjoy it here.

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    I already do :-)
    I completely forgot how much fun it was thinking about the right way to conquer the world LOL
    ...and playing "Amazons- Refulgent" sure helps me a lot on my second Comic Book.


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