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Thread: Hello from CA! ^_^

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    CA Hello from CA! ^_^

    Hiya guys,
    Just popping in here to do a quick introduction of myself. My name is Trish and I'm one of the Community Coordinators for Creative Assembly. We have been very busy post-release on ROME II so we haven't really been present on the .Org as you may have noticed. We're hoping to change that now hence why I am here! I hope to be around here more often and can't wait to read all your feedback, concerns, praises, and so forth.

    Speak to you guys soon!
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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    Welcome to the Org, Trish CA!
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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    hello hello!

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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    Hello Trish,

    Wellcome to the Org.
    Always good to see a CA member posting here.

    Hope you will have fun and enjoy the discussions and the interactions with our patrons.

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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    Welcome Trish.
    "Après moi le déluge"

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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    Hello and welcome Trish CA
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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    Please don't hesitate to rock the house of the org! :)
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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    Hullo Trish!

    Good to see CA back here again :).
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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    Yay! CA folks

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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    It's good to have CA folks here!

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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    oh wow I bet your inbox is full of amateur modders axing u for job.
    can I haz job?
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    Default Re: Hello from CA! ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by Major Robert Dump View Post
    oh wow I bet your inbox is full of amateur modders axing u for job.
    can I haz job?
    It depends on how well you axe!
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