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Thread: Hey - I am new

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    Default Hey - I am new

    Hey everyone,

    Anyway a bit about myself -

    I have purchased every total war game since Rome 1. I am really happy that Creative Assembly is opening up the engine more and more to modding. Especially map making with Shogun 2. That said - I am wanting to get involved modding total war more.

    That said -

    I am really excited for the upcoming total war game that is going to be announced at EGX. Like really excited! I am really hoping it is Warhammer Fantasy: Total war. Since it was announced back on Dec 6th of 2012.

    You can say I have been counting the days to this :D

    - HeadClot

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    Default Re: Hey - I am new

    Welcome to the Org, HeadClot!
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    Default Re: Hey - I am new

    Hello HeadClot and welcome to the Org! So nice of you to join our community.
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    Default Re: Hey - I am new

    It's ok. We're all new.

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    Default Re: Hey - I am new

    Silence is beautiful

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    Default Re: Hey - I am new

    Hey everyone thanks for the warm welcome!

    Cannot wait to see what the new total war game is.

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    Default Re: Hey - I am new

    Quote Originally Posted by HeadClot View Post
    ....I am wanting to get involved modding total war more....
    Be careful of saying things like this. EB enforcers waylay such persons in the back alleyways of the dot-org, club them into silence, and then rummage through their pockets looking for spare Bactrian hoplite skins.

    just kidding...welcome
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    Default Re: Hey - I am new

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