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    Quote Originally Posted by The Guardian
    Widely known as the “father of video games” Baer, a lifelong inventor and innovator, was instrumental in the design of the Magnavox Odyssey, the first ever commercial digital games console. With its futuristic looks, electronic game cards and strange analogue controller, it introduced consumers to the concept of interacting with games on their television sets. Released in the US in August 1972, it pre-dated Atari’s Pong arcade cabinet by several months.
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    Apparently (source NPR BBC World report), he had the idea in 1951! Was told to shelve it and get back to work on the project he was working on at the time. He revisited the idea in 1966, met a positive reception, and worked on it until its release in 1972. Inventors are interesting subjects to say the least.
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    Pffft, console peasants. Everyone knows that graphics and gameplay on the VAX were superior in every way.

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    RIP to a pioneer.
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