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Thread: Important Notice about our host

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    Default Important Notice about our host

    There is an announcement in the Watchtower about this, but I will put another here since many don't really track other sub-fora and this probably affects Medieval 1 more than any other TW game. Atomic Gamer (the Org's host) is closing down at the end of the month. We are looking around for a new host but time is short. If/when we do get a new host, the admins will bring over the Org forum database, but I'm not sure about the huge number of tools and mods hosted directly on the AG server. If you have files hosted there, please make sure you have backups. I have a personal stash of just about everything Medieval on AG, but probably not all of it. Links to mods are most likely to get broken, when we get a new host I will try to get at least the Engineer's Guild links updated.

    The root level directory on AG for the Org's Total War stash can be found here. Sorry for the short notice, happy downloading.
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    Default Re: Important Notice about our host

    Ouch. That's very little in terms of advance notice.

    Makes me think that something unexpected at AG must have occurred -- at least I hope, as the alternative is that they knew a long time ago that this was likely/going to happen (but chose not to say anything til now).
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