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    Hello Total
    I don't know if the MTW VI modding scene is still a thing since the game is so old and I bet most people moved on. But recently my computer died and now I am using an older laptop and so I am restricted to play older games. So I dusted off my Medieval Total War Gold edition disks and installed it. I also got the amazing MTW XL and Napoleonic Total War mods and already played a few campaigns on each.

    So now I am looking into personalising my game and I already found out where the portrait files are and changed a few as an experiment (which fortunately was successful).
    But now I have been digging into the game's files for two days looking for the picture files that are used in the special parchment messages (like the image of the young man holding a sword when the message "An Heir Matures" appears, or the comet picture when the message "Signs and Portents" appears, the image with the assassin sneaking outside a window in the parchment message about how much chance we have of assassinating a target, the image of the dead guy being carried by two people when the message about a spy or assassin being captured and killed, etc).
    I can't for the life in me find where those images are located, been in every folder and opened tens of .BIF and .TGA files and I still can't find them. Anyone here know where they are located?

    Another question I have is if it is possible to change the Title of the leader of a faction. For example if I can change the title "King" to something else (for example "King William II" to "His Highness William II", "Pope Urban II" into "His Holiness Urban II", etc). I have the feeling this might be hardcoded but I thought about asking anyway.
    EDIT: After I poked around the game files some more I think I found how to change that.

    Thanks for reading and hope MTW moddig scene is not as dead as it looks
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    Hello Risewild, welcome to the .Org .

    I'm afraid that our M:TW modding sections are pretty quiet. I did find this old thread on portraits in the repository - maybe it will help. Also, 3 of our active hosted mod projects (not Europa Barbarorum) are for M:TW. You could ask one of their modders if they know more.
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    Hi Risewild,

    What you need to do is open up your BIFreader, point it towards the /campmap folder and open up EPIC.BIF - this contains 160 frames, many of which equate to various in-game events like assassinations etc. Find the one you want to alter, make a suitable BMP, and import it into that frame, taking all the usual precautions.

    And thanks for asking the question - in looking for your answer I found the source of an annoying CTD

    A mod for Medieval:TW (with VI)

    Discussion forum thread

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    Thanks for the warm welcome Ludens I will check out the mod projects section, maybe I will find more interesting mods .
    macsen rufus that is exactly what I was looking for! I had already opened quite a few .BIF files from there but I had never opened the EPIC one. It would probably take me a week or more to randomly open files to find it by chance. Thanks a lot!

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    Im sorry, you can tell me how i can download the BIFreader, i cant find in the web.

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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    There used to be a pack with the LMM, BIF reader, and a few other things, but the current links went south when AtomicGamer shut down. Here is the BIF reader (whole pack is too big to attach as one).
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    Thank you my friend!


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