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Thread: Soldiers Turning Rebel and Priests Turning Heretic

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    Default Soldiers Turning Rebel and Priests Turning Heretic

    Is there a way of reducing the frequency of soldiers (without a general) turning rebel with the accompanying "traitor to our people" message. Seems to happen quite a lot and is really quite annoying.

    Also are my eyes deceiving me or do your your priests turn to heretic? Again a way to change the frequency of this happening would be great. I thought it might be tied to the "open minded" trait but priest should only gain this when near heretics and/or in lands with less than 40% of your religion but I've seen them turn heretic when neither of these conditions are anything like true.

    has anybody successfully altered either? any ideas which file to use?

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    Default Re: Soldiers Turning Rebel and Priests Turning Heretic

    In the descr_charactertraits or so there is a trigger that checks for your priests piety and gives him a hidden trait that makes him immune to heresy. Just lower the threshold piety value for that or add that trait on creation of a priest.

    As for people rebelling, thats linked to your faction leader's authority. The higher it is, the lower the chance of rebellion. So to fix that, give your faction leader some authority traits. Check the citadel faq for that, as i have a list there.
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