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Thread: .cas file editing

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    Default .cas file editing

    Hello :)

    I'm currently trying to open cas files (using vercingetorix' importer/exporter) in 3dsmax but due to my ineptness at working graphics, I'm rather stuck as I don't know what to do once the cas is opened.

    For example, I opened the deciduous_a_canopy.cas that way and see a bunch of trees on my screen. What I want to achieve is to disable the animations (which I cannot see) and/or make the object static so that it cannot move.

    The above is with the "import animations" box unticked, because when I tried importing the cas into 3dsmax with verc's importer and the "import animation" box ticked, 3dsmax would return an error (something about numf...) in verc's script and refuse to import at all.

    So...anyone versed with 3dsmax and cas editing willing to lend a hand?
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    Default Re: .cas file editing

    The animations aren't in the .cas model files, they're seperate .cas files but as far as im aware we cannot mod the animations for trees and stuff.


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