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Thread: The special unit view

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    Default The special unit view

    I dont know if u ever saw this but when pressing the Delete button (default I believe) when marked on a unit u watch it closely and with missile units for example u see the arrows fly
    dont u think this function should be available in the Cinematic editor?

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    Default Re: The special unit view

    I think the mousewheel button (i.e. clicking it) does the same except you don't have to have the unit selected, just hold the wheel on it. But the zoom isn't all that great. Often cuts part of the unit out.
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    Default Re: The special unit view

    Middle mouse is different, it's a set zoom level.
    DEL holds and follows the unit (and it's projectiles) at different zoom levels and angles, chosen by you.

    It's not necessary to have this available in cined because you can waypoint the camera to do the same thing without pressing any keys at all.
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