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    I dont know if it is a bug or it is my video card or what but when the cavalry engages in melee and u wanna get them out of there, i press and press and even make them run and theeeeey jusssst mooove awwaay sooooooooo slooowly that it makes it aggravating. Even if one of the horses is engaged they just move away like if they were on a stroll around the park.En EB they just struggle to get out so i dont know what it is.
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    They try to keep in a certain distance from each other so stragglers tend to slow down the ones already out of the melee. In general though, make sure you do see the double triangle instead of the signle triangle when you disengage cavalry, i.e. running va walking.
    I think if you keep ordering within split seconds, you might possibly slow your cav down some more, due to a double click being interpreted as single+single (i.e. for a split second they resume walking.)
    Another thing you can try is to tell them to stop and then run them out. The danger of this being you may lose quite a few due to them getting hit, as units under the halt command get killed by aingle blows normally.

    Last resort you can use the withdraw function, but its not alwas reliable.
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    Default Re: cavalry question

    ah yep I got it too, and perhaps even more often after the 2nd patch :(
    it's so frustrating, like the horses' legs are glued to soil

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    Default Re: cavalry question

    They're pinned. If they turn around, the get stabbed in the back or their horse's hamstrings get whacked. That assumes there's room to turn around at all.
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    Default Re: cavalry question

    I don't have much issue like this.

    • Bodyguard charges enemy armored sargeants frontally.
    • Click exactly the opposite direction to the charge and press run.
    • Watch. Is anyone stuck in the infantry.
    • Click exactly the opposite direction that each man is facing.
    • Rerpeat for all men till they all are running away.

    Alternatively, if the charge has eliminated more than 75% of the enemy and your cavalry are already through the enemy unit, click in the direction of the charge, press run. (provided nothing is in the way)

    If they are really pinned, then there's notmuch to be done except keep clicking all over the map at different directions hoping they will find a way out. Either that or hold ground and fight, possibly to the death.
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