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Thread: ai's own reinforcements ?bug in 1.2

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    Default ai's own reinforcements ?bug in 1.2

    I've played several battles now where the ai has reinforcements but won't send them to assist till the whole of the first army is defeated when the ai is the attacker.

    example1. Sieging with my full stack a full stack of fortress defenders, attacked by 5 unit stack with this full ai stack from fortress as reinforcement.

    Attacked the 5 stack with 1 lot of desert cavalry, once expended missiles waited to defend . Both the 5 stack and the full stack ai reinforcements just sat there till time run out, with result I captured the fortress and disposed of the defenders with no losses .

    example 2. Open battle; Attacked my 5 stack vs their 5 stack with 1 general ai reinforcement. I trash their 5 stack , only then does the reinforcement attack , of course I annihilated it as well. If the ai reinforcement general had attacked with the first stack I might have been in trouble as I only had low grade troops.

    It seems to me that the ai's own reinforcements need to engage with the first force together in a coordinated attack. I can't really see why you wouldn't want to do this in most situations.
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    Default Re: ai's own reinforcements ?bug in 1.2

    Yes, ever since 1.2, if the AI is the attacker and has missiles or artillery, there is a high chance of it just camping somewhere and refusing to attack you, especially if you take out the main army fairly quickly. Not much you can do about it.
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