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Thread: What happens if ..

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    Default What happens if ..

    Your faction leader dies in battle/natural causes and there are no faction heirs as all gererals were on a boat the turn before and the pirates sunk the fleet?
    Does some peasant get the crown or is it game over?
    In History even children were given the crown, but then they were manipulated by some wicked uncle like Richard III, hur hur.
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    Default Re: What happens if ..

    Game over.
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    Default Re: What happens if ..

    Well even if its game over.
    If that would happen and child would be given the crown, there would be no relative to look over the crown, maybe non-royal uncle or something but they would NEVER be given crown even for a day.
    That a child is set to crown, happened pretty many times in medieval history i think? Only i can remember so far is Edward III, after his mother beated, jailed and tortured Edward II (The legend of William Wallace)
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