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    Interested in joining Megas Alexandros? Just PM Roman_Man#3 or post here. Its as simple as that.

    Vacant Positions
    Modeler - No experience needed, although some would come in handy.

    Skinner - Not in high-demand from us. Experience is rated highly.

    Historian - High Demand. Preferably a historian with a lot of access to pictures of the period.

    Screenshot takers - Don't know a technical term from this. Will be used to take in game screens of new units and battles. Preferably someone with relatively high-spec comp. to show units in all their glory.

    2D artist - Quite high-demand. No experience needed, just an understanding of the image editing software.

    Traiter - Someone to make traits and edit an existing trait mod. No experience necessary.

    The MA team
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roman_Man#3
    Traitor - Someone to make traits and edit an existing trait mod. No experience necessary.
    Sounds like a fun job!

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    I purpose my self as historian, cause I have no exp. in game editing but I will be very happy to see a good mod for RTW Alex 1.9

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    Is this mod still in development, because i like the idea of a historically accurate mod about macedon's rise
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