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Thread: Has this happened to you?

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    Default Has this happened to you?

    So, I am the king of the Danes, I rule the north. I am the puppeteer of the Pope and menace of anyone not following his decrees. I have sent three crusading armies full of mostly already gold chevroned units to Toulouse the target of the holy crusades and held by the blasphemous Milanese. Enroute to Toulouse on of my crusading armies stops to rest in a forest and lo and behold, a Venetian crusading armies stumbles on top my camps in the darkness and my general decides to attack without my order. The Venetians although not my friends are not my enemies, I withdraw from battle hoping nothing too bad has happened but alas it was too late. I lose three full stacks of troops, troops that have been trained and groomed for the voyage over the seas for several years and I find myself excommunicated from the Catholic faith. All because my general all by himself decided to jump another nations crusading army without any orders from me.

    Is this a known bug? Is this supposed to happen? Do I run the risk of destroying my entire game every time my movement points run out in a forest? I decided to go back to my latest previous save which was almost two hours of game time before which is rather frustrating. This happened to anyone else?

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    Happened in our PBM too.
    Nothing you can do about it except making sure you don't end turn in forests, which is actually quite easy.
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    Default Re: Has this happened to you?

    ehm... savegames anyone? There is a reason you got savegames...
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    Default Re: Has this happened to you?

    This won´t happen if you don´t leave any movement points to those armies, since you can´t ambush without movement points.
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