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Thread: EB v1.0 Released

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    Default EB v1.0 Released

    Greetings Europa Barbarorum fans.

    The day is here. EB v1.0 is released!!
    It took time, but it is done. Here are years of sweat, tears, torn hair, love and passion in one big digital build. We think it is worth the wait. For many, EB has been a central part of their lives and much time has been poured into this labor of love, as we often call it. For many of us it feels a bit strange that we're finally here. 1.0 is made. Remember people, we aren't a game studio. We know many fans are aware of our situation, yet we should emphasize that working on the EB project is a hobby to us and something we do on our free time. Which means that we don't have a fixed number of hours each day for EB. RL issues, computer problems and girlfriends all demand time so the work on EB can ebb and flow.
    The 1.0 release is packed full of content. In fact 22,000 files have been modified or added in EB 1.0!!
    Although our EB work process has peaks and valleys, we have continuously worked to improve the mod, and we hope that our efforts at rooting out bugs and inconsistencies will enhance your game experience. Now we will let you get to it. Instructions on downloading and installing as well as Download links will follow and further down is a list of the major additions and changes to Europa Barbarorum.
    And please visit our website which has received an update to reflect v1.0.
    And do not worry. There will be future versions for EB1.

    Many people outside EB deserve a big "Thank You!" for helping us out. Thanks to Dol Guldur for helping us get more files working within the EB modfolder. Thanks to drak10687 for helping us getting the Oppida walls into 1.0. A massive Thank you to Kailith who made the walls. Also thanks to I Am Herenow for his suggestions regarding the website. And lastly thanks to our betatesters for helping us iron out bugs and come with suggestions who are Fondor Yards, Thaatu, Warmaster Horus, Wolfman25, Megas Pyrrhos, Al-Masri, Birka Viking, Brightblade, Chirurgeon, Gazius, Ice, mcantu, Taliferno, TheErrant.

    We would like to thank Simon O'Dwyer and Maria Cullen O'Dwyer of Prehistoric Music Ireland ( for graciously allowing us to use some of their work on Bronze and Iron Age Celtic music in the mod. Their work in educating the public in general and primary/secondary schools in particular on the authentic history of Celtic music is something we very much respect.

    We would also like to thank Morgan Casey ( and Nick Wylie ( for working with the mod team to create our huge soundtrack. They have since moved on to other projects but their work is still an extremely vital part of the mod and should be recognized again.

    We would like to thank all former members whose work is a part of EB, but a few guys in particular made massive contributions and need special recognition: Angadil, Ranika, Malrubius, sharrukin, and Prometheus. Wherever you guys are, thanks again!

    Download & Installation

    A complete list of mirrors can be found on our website's Download section. We strongly recommend people to use BitTorrent or ED2K to download EB to conserve bandwidth, but also as torrent provides better transfer speeds.

    Some quicklinks: (will be updated as more mirrors are available)




    First make sure you have a clean RTW 1.5 installation on your computer. This is to make absolutely certain old files or directories won't cause problems for the EB 1.0 installation.

    Double-click the EBv10.exe file and follow the instructions on screen.
    The installation process gives you the option to install a "modesty patch", which adds loincloths to the naked units. This is NOT recommended, and is provided purely as a service to those who must appease parents, and for anyone who is uncomfortable with pixelated genitalia.
    WARNING: This will overwrite all naked warrior units in your build!!

    If you encounter any problems please use the Bugs & Tech forum and report any errors there instead of in this thread.


    There are several quick fixes available here:
    Install the permenant ones only, after you have installed EB v1.0.

    New Features

    Big Pahlava Changes:
    Pahlava now begins the game indistinguishable from a nomadic faction, to more accurately depict their historical situation at the start of our game. The player may play out the game continuing as a nomad faction if they like. However, a set of "reforms" is possible in the cities of the old Persian Empire, where Persian and Hellenic influence historically altered the nature of the Parthians. Accordingly, it is possible for the Parthians to build up their towns and gain access to a "Reformed Parthian Government", which in turn allows them to construct most of the buildings they used in previous builds.

    Swêbōz evolution 1.0:

    -Refinement of Proto-Germanic language applied to nearly every aspect possible.

    -Tons of NEW Traits, such as Season-specific traits, Swêbōz tribal Ethnicities, Harjanaz election and dismissal system, redefined Noble system (more representative of EB timeline), Hamarammaz ("Shape-strong" : thinks he can transform into an animal during battle)

    -NEW Ancillaries, such as the Thuliz (seen in Unferth character in BEOWULF: ritual speaker, challenger of oaths) and Spehōkwenōn ("Prophecy-woman")

    -NEW Swêbōz Military Reform which takes place during the same later period which brought about the Cimbri/Teutons, representing a change from "Tribal" structured ritual warfare to larger "Warbands" of conquest. This reform is triggered and characterized by increased access to metallurgical centers and wealth, which for the Player means recruitable Units with Heavy armor (mail) and weapons otherwise unavailable, including a new Heavy/Companion Cavalry.

    -Reconceptualized Swêbōz Unit roster based no longer on a "(weapon)-men" name formula, but now more historically oriented on prestige / social position and historical tactics on the battlefield. Cultural styles and art were added to give flavor to the certainly active if less urban or well known culture of the Germanic peoples. New gear for the ancient Germanics has been added, based closely on new studies, research, and evidence. Also includes new Regional Units and greater unit variety.

    Hayasdan Changes:
    In addition to receiving a few new units, albeit regional, Hayasdan can also enact a few reforms if the conditions are met that will transform it from a mountain kingdom into a new 'Persian Successor Empire', or in other words, an Armenian variant of the old Achaemenid Empire led by the Orontid dynasty.

    Oppida Walls:
    Kailith has over months been working on making Oppida walls for the barbarian factions. And thanks to drak10687 we managed to get them working in EB. The Oppida really adds a big immersion when sieging barbarian towns and coupled with the barbarian music we have, should hopefully make your battles all the more barbaric. A big thanks again to both these two.

    Roman Provincial Governor System:
    Now when your Roman armies conquer a certain set of territories, the Senate will create a Provincia of those territories, making your General the Provincial Governor. For example, the Province of Sicily, or Provinciae Sicilia. The Governor receives a special ancillary denoting him as Governor and describing his new territory, and he will receive a trait assigning him special bonuses. If he leaves his province before his year-long term is up, he will lose his bonuses, having given up his title, which you can reassign to someone else if you choose. There are three types of Governors; Propraetors, Proconsuls, and Rectors. If you specifically want a Proconsul, for instance, make sure you send a character with the "Consular" trait to that province, and you will see him become Proconsul of said province.

    Seleukid Satrapies:
    Your generals can now obtain Satrap titles if they have the necessary influence and connections at court, or in other words, traits. Send your general to Ekbatana and he will become Satrap of Media. Likewise if your generals are in Susa, Persepolis or Hekatompylos, they will become satraps of those regions, while any general in the Seleukid holdings of Asia Minor could gain the title Epistrategos. And should you expand the Seleukid kingdom your generals can be installed as satraps in Armenia, Baktria and India, and if you seize Egypt or Makedonia, they may serve you as Archons. Just don't move your satraps too far away from their respective satrapies though, or their efficiency in ruling those provinces will drop.

    New Bodyguards:
    Some factions have new bodyguards to ride alongside your generals and most factions have both early & late variants. Most noticeable are the Eastern factions. Pontos for example will have clearly Iranian looking cavalry in the beginning, but later on the bodyguards will get a more Hellenistic look. Hayasdan will have early cavalrymen who look very similar to those of Pontos, however their late bodyguards will be much more heavily armored and will retain an Eastern look. Pahlava start out with extra-heavy cavalry armed in nomadic fashion, and will later on evolve to a super-heavy cavalry armed and decorated in the more cosmopolitan Eastern fashion. And the same is true for the Saka-Rauka.

    Generals & Captains Reloaded:
    One noticeable absence in previous EB versions was the lack of faction-specific generals & captains and the large number of factions whose armies were lead by vanilla generals & captains. Not anymore. In 1.0 each faction has received its own unique general & captain - men who will lead your armies and look good while doing it!

    Challenging start:
    Redmeth has been tinkering with the EB files since the time he came into the team and one result is the added challenge for the human player at startup, as surrounding garrisons have become stronger or more numerous. This does not affect the AI, but just the human player. So if you start the game as Makedonia, the provinces to the north will have larger garrisons and Epeiros & Koinon Hellenon will have a few more units too. We think you'll find the new start to be challenging, but far from impossible.

    New barbarian music:
    As announced earlier, we have incorporated music pieces from Prehistoric Ireland into EB, so now there will be more music for you to listen to when playing the barbarian factions. Click here for the announcement itself.

    Fixed reforms:
    Reforms for factions have been fixed. This includes a Carthaginian reform adding heavier units to their roster, reforms for when Saka becomes more settled and "civilized", thereby granting them access to heavy infantry and heavier cavalry. The previously fixed-date reforms for the Celts are now fully dynamic and are triggered by the socio-economic advances of the Celtic peoples, transitioning them to a professional soldiery.

    Traits & Ancillaries:
    EB Lead Traiter BozosLiveHere is in charge of the traits & ancillaries department and has done a splendid job. There have been numerous "under-the-hood" changes to the traits & ancillaries, such as adjusting triggers, but there are also plenty of brand new features. The Seleukids & Ptolemaioi have received their own faction-specific traits & ancillaries, Swêbōz & Ptolemaioi have updated ethnicities as well, a few generals have new or updated biographies, the Season traits settings have been updated, worshiper/priest traits & ancillaries have been given a major rewrite and the list goes on and on.

    Recruitable generals:
    Another new feature in EB is recruitable generals, representing mercenary leaders and those not connected to the royal family by blood, marriage or adoption. Most factions will have these available as Hellenes, Easterners, Celts and Germanics. So if you need a general to lead an invasion, but don't want to use family members with nice administrative traits, why not simply hire one? Assuming your treasury is full of course, as these fellows don't come cheap!

    Brand new Greek Battlemap Voicemods:
    The Greek voicemod has been expanded to include more voices to better differentiate the Hellenic factions in our game. For a complete explanation, check out our preview some weeks ago -EB Voicemod Preview.

    Pahlava Faction Intro:
    With kampfkrebs joining EB we can finally talk seriously about making faction intro videos. And we already have one video made for the Pahlava. We hope you like it, and we hope to bring more faction intro videos in the next release.

    Stats fixes & adjustments:
    EB tries to remain bugfree, but some always creep in, and stats are a notable culprit. In our defense, there are over 400 units in EB so we can't catch 'em all at once, but we sure are trying. v1.0 features a huge number of stat fixes and adjustments, too numerous to mention in detail. But as the bard would say, "the play's the thing", and improved gameplay is where you'll see the result.

    The Yuezhi Invasion:
    A playable faction in EB v.7x, the Yuezhi were removed from the game for the excellent reason that they weren't present on our map in 272 BC. However they did make an appearance about 100 years later, and did so in a massive and unmistakable fashion - an army 100,000 strong poured in from the Tarim Basin to the east. This historical event has now been recreated in EB, given certain in-game prerequisites. So although they might not come, it wouldn't be wise to assume otherwise. But then, it should be no trouble preparing yourself to face the largest army of horse-archers ever seen in EB. Should it?

    Boii - Lugian script:
    Eleutheroi in Central Europe now have scripted defense, more specifically the settlements Iuvavoaeta, Eburonum, Carrodunum, Gintaras-Ostan and Seliun-Pilis. The new defenses are targeted specifically toward the AI controlled factions and will hinder unhistorical expansion, especially of the Romani and Swêbōz. The player may also find it very difficult to conquer these settlements, but it is possible for human and AI alike. If you decide to attack these settlements you have to be well prepared and move swiftly. The Lugians and Boii will summon powerful relief armies to help their besieged settlements. Each of these five settlements also have scripted new governors to replace those who die, thus further extending their resilience. In addition to that, each settlement has a field army protecting it, scripted to always stay in the vicinity to chase away intruders.

    Map Changes:
    The map has also received a few changes here and there. The cities of Atiqa (Utica) & Babylon have been added, and there have been numerous border changes between provinces and also the addition of rivers, mountains and a myriad of other small improvements across the map. The biggest visible change is stefan25's total alteration to the campaign map graphics. In our opinion the map is much more vivid and lifelike, and we hope you'll feel the same.

    Disasters Upgrade:
    We have worked quite a bit on improving and fine tuning disasters for EB. Sadly, storms were beyond our power to fix, but we had great success elsewhere:
    - Earthquakes: We have identified geographically correct locations for earthquake epicenters and now one will occur (in varying degrees of intensity) roughly every three years.
    - Volcanoes: We placed all stratovolcanoes on the map, and "turned on" all of those that had eruptions during the historical period.
    - Disease: There is a completely random chance for epidemic diseases to strike everywhere on the map, and we have increased their likelihood in places with heavy trade or a reliance on grain shipments.
    - Floods: We have added code for floods (making flood-prone locations more likely to get them), but left it as a user-option since flooded provinces can be left with ineradicable movement penalties.

    Allied Province Rulers (aka "Puppet Rulers", aka "Gov4 Rulers"):
    For all factions in the game, a type4 government is essentially that of a conquered allied state who has ceded a large degree of autonomy to your faction. But in most respects they feel and act just like any other province in your empire. But now, when you conquer a territory and build a type4 government, an allied or "puppet" ruler will be spawned and will enter the city. He will have a local bodyguard and will have no mobility - he is to remain inside the city. As this is an allied territory, placing your own characters in the city will be taken as a sign of further aggression by the local populace and there may be riots. It is up to you whether or not you will control the city at that point or put it on automanage and let it tend to its own affairs. Keeping local troops stationed there is advisable, and having the city, your "ally", supply your army with their native troops would also be a logical result of the arrangement.

    The Spartan Agoge:
    Playing as the Koinon Hellenon, you now will have the opportunity to train your young generals in Sparte. Any general under the age of 20 who stays in the town for more than one turn will begin the agoge. Traits and script alerts will advise you on how to successfully guide your character through the training. If they remain in the agoge for the full four years (two years in the agoge itself and two more in service similar to ephebes), they will obtain traits based upon how they performed in the agoge, which performance is in turn based upon their own personal abilities. Other Hellenic factions who have captured or allied with Sparte may also have their sons trained in the agoge.

    Accurate Unique Building Pillaging:
    Tired of getting the same amount for destroying the Temple of Zeus at Olympia as you would for destroying a set of altars on the hillside at Alexandreia-Eschate? All unique buildings have been swapped and given new estimates of value. We are constrained by RTW engine limitations on how much buildings can be worth, but now if you sack the great temple at Hierosolyma, your reward will be significant! Whereas if you dig up the Calanish stones, you will find yourself with......stones.

    Border Province Bonuses:
    A few provinces that are located on the borders of the map suffer inappropriately because the game engine is not able to accurately reflect the amount of trade they had off the edge of the map. Provinces in India are most affected, but also those on the northeast corner of the map and on the east and west coasts of Africa. These provinces now have different unique buildings placed at the start of the game that increase their trade in varying degrees to more accurately represent the trade which historically passed through those regions.

    The Olympian, Pythian, Isthmian, and Nemean Games are now included in EB. Each one comes with an icon featuring the site and a full description of the games, including instructions on how often the games should be set to maintain accuracy (the Olympian and Pythian games being quadrennial and the Isthmian and Nemean games being biennial). Additionally, they provide the ability to stage competitions.

    Festivals and Games:
    Besides the four chief panhellenic festivals, most factions will now have the ability to hold their own local festival in a given province. Some factions have the ability, if a large temple has been constructed, to hold regional games or a regional festival, the choice is theirs. A few factions have the ability, if a wondrous temple is present at the location, to construct panhellenic games or panhellenic festivals all their own, in addition to the traditional four.

    Games and Races Changes:
    "Stage Games" has been changed to "Sponsor Competitions" and "Stage Races" has been changed to "Sponsor Festivals".

    Year in History Upgrade:
    Only a few entries for the Year in History were present in previous builds, but this element of the modification has now been given a lot more detail. Examples have been provided in earlier previews, but besides an in-depth list of events for each year, annual numbering systems are also included at the start of each year for Romans and Hellenes, and even a Pharaonic system for the Ptolemaioi. Consuls at Rome and Eponymous Archons at Athens for each year are included, and the winners of the Olympic contests are also provided, where they are known.

    Other New Buildings:
    Sabaean Ritual Hunt, Sabaean Ritual Banquet Hall, Sabaean Great Ritual Banquet Hall, Sabaean Pilgrimage Site, Sabaean Great Pilgrimage Site, Qarthadastim Cippus-Naiskos Dedication, Qarthadastim Large Commemorative Monument, Basic Sanitation Levels for many factions, Pahlava Cisterns, Pahlava Bagdir-Cooled Cisterns, Pahlava and Pontic Zurkaneh Wrestling Buildings, Celtic Third Tier Academies, and Nomadic Bard Tents and Gatherings.

    Other New Unique Buildings (in addition to the Periodos):
    Great Persian Temple of Anahita at Ekbatana, Hellenic "Valley of the Temples" at Agrigento, Citadel of Tushpa in Hayasdan, Complex of Asklepios and Hygeia at Emporion, Drunemeton at Ankyra, Great Cult Statue of Anahita at Baktra, Garamantine Royal Cemetery in Phasania, The Canal of Menua in Hayasdan, The Dharmaraja Thupa at Taksashila, Hellenic Temples at Paestum in Campania, Sisian Stones in Hayasdan, Statue of Zeus at Olympia (in place of the old "Olympia" unique).

    Building Trees by JMRC:
    A new and most welcome addition to EB are building trees showing the buildings available and the pre-requisites needed to build them, as well as how governments can affect things. The building trees are bundled with the v1.0 release, and are also available at the EB website. A big thanks to JMRC for making these.

    Arkatreides' Unit Cards:
    His excellent unit cards are now bundled with EB v1.0 which you can use to view recruitment provinces and stats at a glance. And yes, the unit cards are redone and include all the new units in v1.0, and even feature new stats not previously displayed.

    New units added:
    The following list is of new and in some cases reskinned and/or renamed units.
    It's worth noting that we have 129 new or completely reskinned units in game. By comparison, the total of all units in the first EB release (v.72 ) was 280. So the new units alone make the EB 1.0 experience significantly deeper and more complex!

    Eleutheroi General
    Eleutheroi Lesser General


    Cidainh (Celtic Chariots)
    Crúaid Nechdámach (Goidilic Cavalry)
    Liguriae Epos (Ligurian Cavalry)
    Kluddargos (British Swordmasters)
    Kludda Lugiae (Lugian Swordsmen)
    Gaemile Liguriae (Ligurian Infantry)
    Keltohellenikoi Hoplitai (Celto-Hellenic Infantry)
    Drwdae (British Druids)
    Cordinau Orca (Scordisci Elite Infantry)
    Uirodusios (Naked Spearmen)
    Appea gaedotos (Alpine Phalanx)
    Kluddacorii (Alpine Shortswordsmen)
    Teceitos (Celtic Axemen)
    Teskatos (Rhaetic Axemen)
    Imannae (Celtic Ambushers)
    Siluri Birnae (Siluri Warband)

    Germanic (Germanic unit roster has received a makeover, see own paragraph further up):

    Marhathegnōz (Germanic Heavy Cavalry)
    Karotovas (Oksywie Culture Swordsmen)
    Ridanz (Germanic Light Cavalry)
    Slaganz (Germanic Club Infantry)
    Jugunthiz Hattisku (Chatti Club Infantry)
    Herthaganautōz (Germanic Bodyguard Infantry)
    Thegnōz Drugulē (Germanic Mercenary Heavy Infantry)
    Dugunthiz (Germanic Spearmen)
    Jugunthiz (Germanic Skirmishers)
    Skaduganganz (Germanic Naked Spearmen)
    Dugunthiz Hattisku (Chatti Spearmen)
    Gaizōz Frijē (Germanic Levy Spearmen)
    Speutagardaz (Germanic Pikemen)
    Druhtiz Habukisku (Chauci Spearmen)
    Herunautōz (Germanic Swordsmen)
    Druhtiz Herusku (Cherusci Swordsmen)
    Skutjanz (Germanic Archers)
    Swêbōz General
    Swêbōz Lesser General/Captain


    Callaecae Roscaithrera (Iberian/Galician Medium Infantry)
    Clona Tekonac (Asturian Axemen)
    Cantabrae Eponereidam (Iberian Light Cavalry)
    Clona Gosnasio (Northern Iberian Skirmisher)
    Lusitanian General
    Lusitanian Lesser General
    Lusitanian Officer

    Getai & Thracians

    Phylakes Daoi (Getai Bodyguards)
    Komatai (Dacian Skirmishers)
    Komatai Epilektoi (Dacian Elite Skirmishers)
    Komatai Pelekuphoroi (Costobocii Axemen)
    Thraikioi Doryphoroi (Thracian Light Spearmen)
    Thraikioi Rhomphaiaphoroi (Elite Thracian Infantry)


    Cohors Imperatoria (Imperial Legionary Cohort)
    Cohors Evocata (Post Marian Reenlisted Veterans Cohort)


    Forest elephant
    Forest elephant with tower
    Bush elephant
    Numidian Nobles
    Ethiopian Cavalry
    Garamantine Infantry
    Machimoi (Native Egyptian Infantry)
    Ethiopian Swordsmen
    Numidian Archers
    Nubian Archers
    Ethiopian Spearmen
    Liby-Phoenician Cavalry
    Carthaginian General


    Sabean Archers
    Arabian Tribal cavalry
    Arabian Citizen cavalry
    Saba King's Elite
    Saba Noble Spearmen
    East Coast Levies
    Arab Slingers
    Sabaean General


    Syracusan Hoplites
    Hetairoi Kataphraktoi
    Hetairoi Aspidophoroi (Macedonian Medium Cavalry)
    Campanian Cavalry
    Lonchophoroi Hippeis (Hellenic Medium Cavalry)
    Indogreek Noble Hoplites
    Red Sea Hoplites
    Epilektoi Hoplitai
    Koinon Hellenon Phalangitai
    Kleruchoi Phalangitai (Hellenic Pikemen)
    Uazali (Southwest-Anatolian Warband)
    Illyrian Infantry
    Illyrian Thurephoroi
    Thureopherontes Toxotai (Bosphoran Heavy Archers)
    Armored Indian Elephants
    Makedonian General
    Epeirote General
    Ptolemaic General
    Seleukid General
    Baktrian General


    Indian Elephants
    Scythed Chariots
    Asiatikoi Hippeis (Medium Eastern Cavalry)
    Asiatikoi Hippakontistai (Eastern Light Cavalry)
    Early Armenian bodyguards
    Early Pontic bodyguards
    Pontic Thorakitai
    Partohellenikoi Thureophoroi (Parthian Thureophoroi)
    Kardaka (Persian Hoplites)
    Anatolian Hillmen
    Scythian Axemen
    Tabargane Eranshar (Eastern Axemen)
    Katpatuka zanteush (Cappadocian Hillmen)
    Sreni Pattya Yoddaha (Infantry Guild Warriors/Indian Heavy Infantry)
    Pontos Late bodyguard
    Kambojas (Indo-Iranian cavalry)
    Taxilan Agema (Indian/Gandharan Heavy Cavalry)
    Pontic General
    Pontic Lesser General/Captain
    Haysdan General
    Hayasdan Lesser General/Captain
    Pahlava General
    Pahlava Lesser General/Captain


    Saka Late cataphracts (Saka Late Bodyguards)
    Sahigan Pahr (Parthian Late Bodyguards)
    Saka Armored Nobles
    Spâhbâdê Pahlavânig (Early Parthian Bodyguard)
    Thanvarê Pârsig (Heavy Persian Archers)
    Kovkasi Lernain Netadzik (Caucasian Archers)
    Subeshi Archers
    Saka Horse Archers
    Yuezhi Horse Archers
    Saka General
    Saka Lesser General/Captain
    Sauromatae General
    Sauromatae Lesser General/Captain
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    Holy s***....I just had to go change my pants.

    Ok, so I'm going to do the torrent thing, and people have said that would be ok. I don't care if it takes 3 days, as long as that isn't a problem.
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    This is so awesome, I don't know what else to say. I'm sooo excited...

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    Heck yeah!

    College policy doesn't allow P2P use on their network, but I will start downloading/seeding in a hour or two on my own connection.

    Thanks EB Team!

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    No, just EB.

    Anyhow; I am seeding it already and will be for quite a while.
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    too many games to play this fall...

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    Note that the Torrent is already making decent speeds: I've been DL'ing for a couple of mins and have some 37Megs aready.
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    ETA for me is 30 minutes

    Just enough time to have a shower

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    Thank you guys you are all awsome And like I promised I'll be hosting it for the whole weekend. no downloading this baby and playing it till middle of the night Let's party
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    TPC reporting for duty with his 100mbit/s line

    (In case nobody knows what this means, it means that I'll pass on some lovin' to the bandwidth =P)

    I'll be seeding for a while too

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    I was literally about to turn the screen off and go to uni... and i thought ahh one quick go over at EB! Downloading as we speak! :O

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    Amanuensis Member pezhetairoi's Avatar
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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released


    Now I'm not going to sleep anymore. XD Great job EB people!


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    Moscow, Russia

    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    Thank you, guys, thanx a lot!
    (torrent seems perfect - I upload at speed 450 Kb/s and download at 300 Kb/s, will continue doing it for a couple of days)

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    EB team i think you guys are marvelous bunch of Fellows and Felleens (if any women took part in this glorious expressiong of warfare and politics in the ancient old world. I hope somewhere in a gamming mag in a newsagents somewhere you are all featured in what has possbily got to be one of the best and realisitic TBS games so far in the short history of computer games...may it go down throughout the rest of time.....Europa barborum History geeks, the young, the old, just the average joe blogg fans and followers you have done humanity a great service our gaming might be blamed for societys woes but here is a great picture painted of what we try to understand of those who followed before us all those years ago and all those will look back and mock our humble game. but for a short time not long ago when i stumbled upon the words V1.0 realesed... Time stood still!
    As I walked through the Glenshane Pass I heard a young girl mourn
    The boy form Tamlaghtduff 'she cried 'is two years dead and gone'
    How my heart is torn apart this young man to lose
    Oh I'll never see the likes again of my young Francis Hughes ....

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    Joined seeding/dl, but my connection is slow (1 Meg/384k when it should be 4meg/1Meg - useless Virgin!).

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    A weeks leave at the end of the month. Give me just enough time to finish MotB and then a whole week of backache and lack of sleep. Wonderful.

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    Great Gods!

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    Prince of Maldonia Member Toby and Kiki Champion, Goo Slasher Champion, Frogger Champion woad&fangs's Avatar
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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I have to study for a huge chemistry test tomorrow Oh well, I know what I'll be doing this weekend. However, it might take me a whole day just to decide which faction to play as first.
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    chicken's dominion maintained. ~Machiavelli

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    EB Team, congratuations. You've poured much time into the mod, and you have finally arrived at your "full" release. EB is very immersive, and in my opinion, is one of the best mods out there.

    Too bad my computer can't handle it >_<.

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    Gisgo Governer of Ippone Member madmatg's Avatar
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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released


    apparently everyone is on toerrent so im only gettin about 200mb/s on Filefront im at about 550
    Last edited by madmatg; 10-11-2007 at 23:53.

    Phil 2:9-11 Phil 4:4

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    I got a new PC two days ago...and now this?!?!?
    I'm never going to get my degree

    Well time to download, cheers EB team, I'm sure this is going to spank

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    i just got up from bed for a sec went to the kitchen... and it proved to a good idea to take a quick look around!
    do i really have to go to work tomorrow morning?
    thanks EB team!

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    Thank you guys. You are amazing. Your mod is amazing.

    I am not going to sleep tonight (it's thirty minutes after midnight in my location) I am going to download it and then play till the time I will have to leave for school.

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    My brain is having difficulty reacting to this... except I was able to manage to start the torrent and plan on seeding forever because... EB rules.
    I'm Batman!

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    My is dowlonding att 270KB/s in about 42m43s will by ready

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    From the sound of things, there might well be a measurable dip in worldwide GDP over the next few days........
    "Numidia Delenda Est!"

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    Can you install 1.0 over 8.1 or do you need a clean install
    A ha ha! Rainbows and unicorns! Rainbows and unicorns!

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    Again, a word of advice: Get your sleep. There will be plenty of time to play EB, and you'll need to be fit for school/work tomorrow.

    Having problems getting EB2 to run? Try these solutions.
    I do NOT answer PM requests for help with EB. Ask in a new help thread in the tech help forum.
    I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image. - Stephen Hawking

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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    mm, filefront is going much faster for me, my torrent is something pear-shaped. But yes! at 279kb/s, half an hour remains!


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    Default Re: EB v1.0 Released

    Time to throw a parade or something extravagant that involves tons of confetti!

    Seriously though, great job. The torrent is really fast, I got speeds upwards of 700kb/s on my roadrunner cable connection, seeding at 100+kb/s now.

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