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Thread: Issues and Bugs not caused by VanillaMod you may come across and workarounds

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    Default Issues and Bugs not caused by VanillaMod you may come across and workarounds

    While VanillaMod aims to correct a host of bugs that remain in M2TW patch version 1.2/1.3, there are some issues that it cannot fix and you may come across.

    The purpose of this thread is to provide workarounds for these issues to conserve gameplay experience and generally make your life easier.

    If you believe that a workaround does not work or something is missing from this compendium, please reply to this thread so it can be considered.

    I. Recruitment/Training/Retraining/0 Experience bug
    This is a relatively common bug in M2TW that is part of the hard code. What this bug does is cause your units that are being recruited to appear at 0 experience and sometimes without armor and weapon upgrades either. Rarely, it will cause a retrained unit to lose experience/upgrades. You usually notice its occurence when you train/retrain a unit and it remains retrainable and at the same status as previously. There is however a workaround for this annoying bug:
    Continue to play your turn until you are ready to end it.
    Save the game.
    Exit M2TW to main menu.
    Load the game.
    Open the settlements tab (right click Castle/City tab).
    Go through each settlement emptying and then refilling the training queue.
    Make sure you did it with ALL.
    End turn.
    This should fix the issue in 90% of cases. At times, it may persist and you can then try to empty and refill a queue without saving twice.
    There is also a good practice in that regard to prevent it from happening in the first place. One method is to never save your game unless at it is the start of your turn and all queues for training are empty. The other is to always put cavalry training/retraining first in the queue and then infantry training/retraining. When doing the latter, do not simply rearrange the queue but actively fill it this way to begin with. Generally those with highest experience should always be trained first and those with least or agents last.

    II. Passive AI
    While this mod uses a modified version of GrandViz's Ultimate AI 1.6 for battles only, there are still instances when the AI will be passive or act dumb. Sadly until a newer version is released or a patch for M2TW is out, this is unlikely to change. However, sometimes you can work around passive AI!
    - During sally attempts the AI will be passive except for its missile units. Nothing you can do there. Although engaging from the front usually elicits a good response. Do at your own risk however
    - Reinforcing AI coming in from a corner sometimes gets stuck. In vanilla, this would be permanent. In this mod, there are 2 workarounds. One is you wait for them to get unstuck as the code will slowly do so. This may take a long time however even under x6 speed. The other is to attack the units that are already on the field and try to lure them towards you or even move your whole formation much closer. That may however lead you to losing the high ground, but it will make the battle continue faster.
    - Reinforcing AI during a siege assault camps outside the city. Nothing you can do there. If you notice them just sitting out, take the plaza and wait for the time to expire and end battle. You cannot force them to fight inside the city although you could go out and fight them on the field which may not be recommended depending on your army strength.

    III. Timurid post-battle CTD
    - Sometimes after fighting Timurids with elephants, your game will get an unexpected error and die. That's outside of my control (save removing elephants completely) and a standard M2TW bug. Its rare though, but still, save before fighting elephants!
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