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Thread: VanillaMod Bug thread

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    When I resume the game, I always have to reset the options to not having the AI control taxation or building in my provinces. Is that a fluke, or is there a bug here, or is that a feature?
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    That's odd. This normally only happens if you have been running a different mod on that particular savegame at some point.
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    Can't be, since VM is the only Mod I use. Haven't played regular Vanilla either.

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    Hello. First of all, nice mod. I really like it and want to get it to work. So I installed M2TW, patched to 1.2. Added vanilla mod folder. Added .93b fix. Launched the game. So far so good. Started a game and started playing. Hit end round and it went through all the factions, then stops on rebels. Now it's not frozen as I can often move around and always bring up menus. And then nothing, it just stays like that. Any idea whats wrong?

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    this is my first Post here but i'm reading the forums for a while now.

    I installed your Mod just how you explained in your "Look here regarding problems getting VanillaMod to work or to verify installation" topic.

    I'm having the problem wich someone posting on the first page of this topic here, about the AI-Battle Formations:

    In any battle both armys (mine and the AI) start in no clear battle line. The units are just roughly scattered in squares. Then the enemie starts marching towards my formation but still building no clean formation. Cavalry rushes ahead of the rest of his own forces almost everytime.

    Since i followed your step-by-step description during installation i guess i'm running the 0.93b fix allready? Is there anything i need to change/edit to fix that? At least, how can i confirm that i applied the 0.93b fix properly?

    Thanks in Advance,


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