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Thread: How many Recruitment Slots possible?

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    Default How many Recruitment Slots possible?


    Can someone tell me how many RECRUITMENT SLOTS are possible? I was originally under the impression that three was the max, but then read something somewhere that made me realize that this might not be the case. I always thought only having three was kind of lame.

    If you can have more, what am I missing? I'm pretty sure I've built everything possible in a least a few of my myriad of cities/citadels.



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    Default Re: How many Recruitment Slots possible?

    3 is the max without modding.
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    Default Re: How many Recruitment Slots possible?

    Thanks. Can you recommend a mod that specifically addresses this (and ideally this only), or point me to a link? Thanks!


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    Default Re: How many Recruitment Slots possible?

    There is no mod that does this only to my knowledge. You are more than welcome to try out my mod though which changes it. Link in my signature.

    If you want to do it yourself, you need to unpack export_descr_buildings.txt and change recruitment_slots under capabilities for wall type structures to the number you want. Maximum is 9 I believe. Afterwards you need to run your game using --io.file_first
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    Default Re: How many Recruitment Slots possible?

    Thanks FactionHeir, I'll check it out!



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