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Thread: Problem initializing MTW Gold Edition

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    Default Problem initializing MTW Gold Edition


    I just got MTW Gold edition , I used to play MTW long time back and loved it and would really love to play it again.

    Now I recently got MTW Gold Edition and I couldn't start it on my system. My system specs are:

    Vista 64 bit SP1 Home Premium , HP dv9700 Notebook , Intel C2D T5750 2.o Ghz , 4 GB RAM , 17" LCD , Nvidia 8600M GS 512 MB.

    As I have Vista - I tried some of the the solutions before installing the game as posted here like 1 ) turn off UAC 2 ) turn off windows firewall , anti-vrius. 3 ) Not using /program files or /users as folder for game installation.

    I was able to install the game just fine in a new folder in C: ( where my windows are ) .

    Then I copied the cracked "Medieval_TW.EXE" to my game directory , which is 5.15 MB and the original .exe was 6.4 MB.

    As I have 8600M GS Nvidia card- I tried the solution given here 1) change the 2 button files in campmap folder as given by peter .

    As I have 64 bit OS i thought to change compatibility to Windows XP SP2 , 98 or ME , 2000 or NT before running the game and made it run as administrator.

    After doing all that I thought I'm good to go , but when i double clicked "Medieval_TW.EXE" I got an error saying : " The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are running . Check your system's computer information to see whether you need an x86(32-bit) or x64(64-bit) version of the program , and then contact the software publisher". and there is just an "OK" tab on this error window , clicking on which just exits to desktop.

    Now I am really frustrated as I thought that I will be able to play this game after all these long years and after trying almost everything I could find here.

    Please help guys and suggest what changes should I make without suggesting to go for a new PC/laptop as that is out of scope. I really want to play this game again.

    Now I know that MTW has some problems with 8xxx and 9xxx series nvidia cards but these occur during the game.

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    Default Re: Problem initializing MTW Gold Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Al3x View Post
    Then I copied the cracked "Medieval_TW.EXE" to my game directory , which is 5.15 MB and the original .exe was 6.4 MB.
    Tell me one thing, why you're using cracked exe when you got original game (I assume "got" means "bought").

    Anyway, even if you manage to start the game the game you won't be able to play battles. It's nearly impossible with nvidia GF 8XXX, 9XXX series cards. I've tried everything with my GF 9600GT and I haven't seen any single report that MTW can be fully functional with these nvidia cards.
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    Default Re: Problem initializing MTW Gold Edition

    Welcome to the Org, Al3x.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stazi View Post
    Tell me one thing, why you're using cracked exe when you got original game (I assume "got" means "bought").

    My suggestion would be to reinstall, leave the executable alone, and try it in Win2000 compatibility mode. That should get you into the game at the least. You might still have trouble with the battles due to the nVidia 8/9XXX series though, and there are a few other gotchas you might need to tweak, but getting to the main menu shouldn't be a problem.
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    Default Re: Problem initializing MTW Gold Edition

    The nocd cracks can be corrupt. I second the advice of the others to try it with the original Medieval_TW.exe file.

    Don't install to program files, instead install to something like "C:\MTW", ensure that the directory permissions are recursively set to full read/write for all users.

    Even if you get it installed and working Stazi is right that the battles will probably be unplayable due to the Nvidia 8600 graphics card.
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