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This is a file in the main.pack archive.

It describes the major & minor factions, and the rebels that may emerge when factions are destroyed.

Faction ID Category Group Abrev. Type Nation Nationality
afghanistan sc_mideast_islamic mughal_group Pe minor Afghanistan Afghan
american_rebels sc_european_america usa_group Us rebel - Rebel
amerind_rebels sc_tribal_american amerinds_group Us_trib rebel - Rebel
austria sc_european_west austria_group Ge playable Austria Austrian
austrian_rebels sc_european_west austria_group Ge rebel - Rebel
barbary_rebels sc_mideast_islamic barbary_group Ar rebel - Rebel
barbary_states sc_mideast_islamic barbary_group Ar minor Barbary States Barbary
bavaria sc_european_west prussia_group Ge minor Bavaria Bavarian
britain sc_european_west great_britain_group Uk playable Great Britain British
british_rebels sc_european_west great_britain_group Uk rebel - Rebel
british_settler_rebels sc_european_america great_britain_group Uk rebel - Rebel
chechenya_dagestan sc_mideast_islamic russia_poland_group Pe non-expansionist Dagestan Dagestani
cherokee sc_tribal_american amerinds_group Us_trib minor Cherokee Nations Cherokee
colombia sc_european_america spain_group Sp minor Gran Colombia Gran Colombian
cossack_rebels sc_european_east russia_poland_group Ru rebel - Rebel
courland sc_european_north russia_poland_group Ru non-expansionist Courland Courlander
crimean_khanate sc_mideast_islamic russia_poland_group Ru minor Crimean Khanate Crimean
denmark sc_european_west sweden_denmark_group Ge minor Denmark Danish
dutch_rebels sc_european_west united_provinces_group Du rebel - Rebel
european_settler_rebels sc_european_america great_britain_group Uk rebel - Rebel
france sc_european_west france_group Fr playable France French
french_rebels sc_european_west france_group Fr rebel - Rebel
french_settler_rebels sc_european_america france_group Fr rebel - Rebel
genoa sc_european_south venice_group It minor Genoa Genoese
georgia sc_european_south russia_poland_group Ru non-expansionist Georgia Georgian
greece sc_european_south venice_group Tu non-expansionist Greece Greek
greek_rebels sc_european_south venice_group Tu rebel - Rebel
hannover sc_european_west prussia_group Ge non-expansionist Hannover Hannoverian
hessen sc_european_west prussia_group Ge non-expansionist Hessen Hessian
holstein_gottorp sc_european_north prussia_group Ge non-expansionist Schleswig-Holstein Schleswig
hungary sc_european_east austria_group Ge minor Hungary Hungarian
huron sc_tribal_american amerinds_group Us_trib minor Huron Confederacy Huron
india_settler_rebels sc_indian_hindu maratha_group Hi rebel - Rebel
inuit sc_tribal_american amerinds_group Us_trib non-expansionist Inuit Nations Inuit
ireland sc_european_west great_britain_group Uk non-expansionist Ireland Irish
iroquoi sc_tribal_american amerinds_group Us_trib minor Iroquois Confederacy Iroquois
italian_rebels sc_european_south venice_group It rebel - Rebel
khanate_khiva sc_mideast_islamic mughal_group Ru non-expansionist Khanate of Khiva Khivan
knights_stjohn sc_european_south venice_group It non-expansionist Knights of St John Hospitaller
louisiana sc_european_west france_group Us minor Louisiana Louisianan
mamelukes sc_mideast_islamic ottoman_group Ar minor Mamelukes Mameluk
maratha sc_indian_hindu maratha_group Hi playable Maratha Confederacy Maratha
maratha_rebels sc_indian_hindu maratha_group Hi rebel - Rebel
mecklenburg sc_european_north prussia_group Ge non-expansionist Mecklenburg Mecklenburger
mexico sc_european_america spain_group Sp non-expansionist México Mexican
middle_east_settler_rebels sc_mideast_islamic ottoman_group Tu rebel - Rebel
morocco sc_mideast_islamic barbary_group Ar minor Morocco Moroccan
mughal sc_indian_islamic mughal_group Pe playable Mughal Empire Mughal
mughal_rebels sc_indian_islamic mughal_group Pe rebel - Rebel
mysore sc_indian_islamic mughal_group Hi minor Mysore Mysorean
naples_sicily sc_european_south venice_group It non-expansionist Naples & Sicily Sicilian
netherlands sc_european_west united_provinces_group Du playable United Provinces Dutch
new_spain sc_european_south spain_group Sp minor New Spain New Spanish
norway sc_european_north sweden_denmark_group Ge minor Norway Norwegian
ottoman_rebels sc_mideast_islamic ottoman_group Tu rebel - Rebel
ottomans sc_mideast_islamic ottoman_group Tu playable Ottoman Empire Ottoman
papal_states sc_european_south venice_group It non-expansionist Italian States Papal
persian_rebels sc_mideast_islamic mughal_group Pe rebel - Rebel
piedmont_savoy sc_european_south venice_group Fr minor Savoy Savoyard
pirates sc_european_america barbary_group Uk minor Pirates Pirate
plains sc_tribal_american amerinds_group Us_trib minor Plains Nations Plains
poland_lithuania sc_european_east russia_poland_group Pl playable Poland-Lithuania Polish
portugal sc_european_south spain_group Po minor Portugal Portuguese
portugese_rebels sc_european_south spain_group Po rebel - Rebel
powhatan sc_tribal_american amerinds_group Us_trib minor Powhatan Confederacy Powhatan
prussia sc_european_north prussia_group Ge playable Prussia Prussian
prussian_rebels sc_european_north prussia_group Ge rebel - Rebel
pueblo sc_tribal_american amerinds_group Us_trib minor Pueblo Nations Pueblo
punjab sc_indian_sikh maratha_group Hi minor Punjab Punjabi
quebec sc_european_america france_group Fr minor Québec Québécois
russia sc_european_east russia_poland_group Ru playable Russia Russian
safavids sc_mideast_islamic mughal_group Ar minor Persia Persian
saxony sc_european_west prussia_group Ge minor Saxony Saxon
scandinavian_rebels sc_european_north sweden_denmark_group Sw rebel - Rebel
scotland sc_european_north great_britain_group Uk minor Scotland Scottish
sikh_rebels sc_indian_sikh mughal_group Hi rebel - Rebel
slavic_rebels sc_european_east russia_poland_group Ru rebel - Rebel
spain sc_european_south spain_group Sp playable Spain Spanish
spanish_rebels sc_european_south spain_group Sp rebel - Rebel
spanish_settler_rebels sc_european_america spain_group Sp rebel - Rebel
sweden sc_european_north sweden_denmark_group Sw playable Sweden Swedish
swiss_confederation sc_european_west prussia_group Ge non-expansionist Swiss Confederation Swiss
thirteen_colonies sc_european_west great_britain_group Us minor Thirteen Colonies Thirteen Colonies
tuscany sc_european_south venice_group It non-expansionist Tuscany Tuscan
united_states sc_european_america usa_group Us playable United States American
venice sc_european_south venice_group It minor Venice Venetian
virginia sc_european_west great_britain_group Us playable British Colonials British Colonial
virginia_colonists sc_european_west great_britain_group Uk playable Virginia Colonists Virginia Colony
westphalia sc_european_west austria_group Ge non-expansionist Westphalia Westphalian
wurttemberg sc_european_west austria_group Ge non-expansionist Württemberg Württemberger

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