These Rules apply to all Tournament, Ladder, and League competition on the Org.

Universal Org Competition Rules:
  1. All players must add their Steam ID to their Org forum profile and join the Org Steam Group prior to registration. No player will be permitted to play in any Org competition if they have not done this. Players must also Friend all Gamemasters who are involved in any competition they are participating in, and accept all Friend requests they receive from other competitors.
  2. Gamemaster - All competitions must have at least one Gamemaster to supervise the competition and resolve disputes. If there is only one Gamemaster in a competition, the Gamemaster cannot play in the competition. If there are multiple Gamemasters in the competition, they can play, but they have no powers to enforce rules or resolve disputes in their own matches. If a player believes a Gamemaster is behaving improperly, the issue will be referred to the Org Staff.
  3. Drops - The first two drops by one player or team will result in the battle being replayed. A third drop by the same player or team will result in an automatic loss for the dropper, and win for the other player or team. Extended Considerations:
    • Obvious Advantage: If a player drops while the other player or team has an obvious advantage (as indicated by the battle bar) then the player or team with the winning advantage can either choose to replay the Battle, or claim the win. Screenshots or replay must be submitted in order to claim the win if the dropping player does not agree.
    • Slight Advantage: If one player or team has only a slight advantage, the Battle is to be replayed with same factions, armies, and conditions. If this is the second try at completing the same Battle, and one player or team has dropped with a slight disadvantage in both attempts, the player or team with the slight advantage can then either choose to refight the Battle, or claim the win (as above).
  4. Red-Line Camping - Positioning a unit to take advantage of the red-line to support its flank or rear is against the rules.
    The criteria for a charge of red-line camping must include these three things:
    • The positioning of a body of forces to use the red-line as a tactical advantage.
    • The proximity of that body of forces to the red-line, inhibiting out-maneuvering on that flank or to its rear.
    • Maintaining that position for a period of over three minutes, without showing signs of any attempt to break the appearance of camping; that would demonstrate that this was truly of temporary intention.
  5. Inactivity - The lack of effort to arrange and complete Battles before any assigned deadline will result in a forfeit of the Match. The competition's Gamemaster(s) will evaluate effort according to the available evidence of attempts to arrange the battle, including posts anywhere on the Org, PMs, logs of Steam chat conversations, etc. A technical victory will be awarded to the team which made a greater effort, or both teams could be forfeit, if neither is considered to have done enough. An extension will only be awarded if both teams show good efforts to arrange the battle, and it is likely to be fought in the near future.
  6. Bugs and Exploits - It is forbidden to use known bugs or exploits in the game, regardless of whether the bug/exploit was explicitly forbidden in the Rules. Intentional use of a bug or exploit is considered dishonorable behavior, and could result in forfeit of the match, expulsion from the contest, or any other punishment the Gamemaster feels is warranted. The discovery of new bugs or exploits must be publicly communicated to the Gamemaster(s). Known exploits include, but are not limited to, the following:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    • Repeated use of Stand and Fight to artificially inflate a General's Charge Bonus.

It is highly recommended that all players adopt the Total War Code of Honor.
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