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Thread: If we were the horde...

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    I guess everybody here has been through a stage fearing the infamous horde in SP. Yet as soon as we have accumulated enough battlefield experience, beating the horde every month with managable cost is no longer a problem, even if we discard the old save-load tricks to ensure the death of enemy general night before the battle, and good/very good harvest every year, and so on.

    In other words - the horde is DOOMED to fail.

    Just got a thought - what if we were the hordes? How can we defeat human, including some shameless save-and-load jerks, who claim how fast they can beat us, but actually they just fight the same battle 100 times until they kill our daimyo, or assassinate our daimyo using the same crappy ninja 200 times until they succeed? (I feel very guilty now)

    Here are the advantages of both sides:

    We (the horde)

    -- No troop upkeep cost, free construction of anything.
    Free troops!! But when money is not enough, we can only generate ashigaru or other basic units like archers.

    Enemy (human)

    -- Some always have the best luck. (Let's assume we are fighting these people)

    -- High chance to re-fight a lost battle.

    -- Extremely efficient ninja.

    -- Quit the game if they were about to be losing.


    Just some of my thought (maybe it will help to improve the AI in the later patches)

    1) Focus on unit upgrades -- in provinces that have specialty / armoury, forget about the farms / port completely.

    2) Forget about ashigaru -- use the money for quality troops.

    3) Use tons of shinobi (they are free anyways) - to protect good generals at all cost. Always attack with the best army using the best general.

    4) Attack at the beginning of the game, since we have free troops right from the beginning. Taking as many human's lands as possible, destroy their home base and they will be screwed up for 2 years at least - during this time we recruit every season!

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