05-07-2011 21:00 The Tosa Cup - 1 vs 1 TW:S2 Tournament

128 Player Single Elimination Tournament - Finished


The Tosa Cup, sponsored by

Rules and Information Thread
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The Tournament will start on 7th May around 19/20 GMT and we will play as many rounds as possible until 03:00 GMT. Further matches will be played on 8th May, to hopefully complete the tournament. If more time is required after 8th May, more matches will be held on the following weekend, 14th & 15th May.


The bracket has been randomly generated by the server. The final number of registrations was 74, which is a number that results in 10 more players than can be accounted for by a 'perfect' 64 person bracket. As such, there are 10 extra first round matches to make up for this odd distribution. That means 20 players will have to fight an extra round to win the tournament. I apologize if you are one of these 20 people, but this kind of setup is determined by math, not us. All bracket placements were determined randomly by the server, so there has been no bias in selecting the 20 people who have an extra round.

  1. All matches will be a best of 3 event. The first two battle will be played on the Lowlands map. If a 3rd battle is needed, it will be played on the Ricefields map.
  2. All battles played at 14k .
  3. Medium unit size.
  4. Weather: spring
  5. No artillery.
  6. No time limit
  7. Veterans allowed, no restrictions.
  8. All player must save their replays after every match.
  9. If you are not online to play at the proper time, you will forfeit.
  10. No key buildings

As should be clear with the strikethrough, there has been a revision to the rule regarding forfeiting if you are not online at the right time. We want to make sure this tournament is played out properly and fairly, and since there are so many players it may take people some time to find each other and get going. As such, we are going to be flexible on the time limit for playing matches. We urge all players to find their partners and play their matches as quickly as possible, but we will understand if everything doesn't work perfectly. If a large number of players have not been able to play their match by the end of Saturday night, we keep the round open until Sunday. If it is absolutely necessary (which I hope it won't be), we will extend the time frame to complete Round 1 to one full week. However, we are hopeful that this will go quickly and smoothly, and that most of the tournament can be completed by the end of this weekend.

To begin playing, do the following:
  1. Find the person you are currently matched up with on the bracket.
  2. Contact that person on the forums or OVER STEAM (preferred) and meet them to play your matches. Many players have linked their Org accounts to their Steam accounts. If they have a Steam icon () under their profile picture, you can click on it to contact them via Steam. If they do not have that icon on their profile, find their Steam name from the Registration thread.
  3. Fight your matches in accordance with the Rules above.
  4. SAVE ALL OF YOUR REPLAYS! Send the replays to one of Gamemasters listed below. You can do this in any way you want (email, upload via the Org and PM link to the Gamemasters, upload via a file host website and PM/email link to the Gamemasters), as long as we get your replays.
  5. The losing player should go to the bracket page and click the Submit Loss button. If you are the winning player and the loser has not done this, contact one of the Gamemasters listed below and they will advance you after confirming the result (this is one of the reasons why it is important to save your replays!).
  6. Move on to the next round, and go back to #1 and repeat the process until the tournament is over.


We will try and ensure that at least one Gamemaster is online at all times during the tournament, at least during the first critical weekend. We will be online BOTH on the forums AND on Steam. You can look for us in either place.

If you have any problems or have any questions about anything at any point during the tournament, contact a Gamemaster. We will answer all your questions and get you any help you need.

The prizes are:
  1. A signed Collector's Edition of Total War: Shogun 2, donated by Creative Assembly
  2. A $50 game of the winner's choice from any direct download service, donated by The Org.
  3. A TWS2 T-shirt, donated by Creative Assembly.

One prize will be awarded to each of the top three places. The first place player will get to pick whichever of the three they want. The second place player will get to pick whichever of the remaining two they want. The third place player will get the third prize.

Tournament Details

Type Single Elimination
Status Finished
Free Slots 0
Total Slots 128
Created 04-17-2011
Created By Kocmoc
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Tournament Comments

  1. Kocmoc
    Please also enter your steam-playername at this tread:!

    The rules you can find here:
  2. Proteus
    steam name : [BTTLSTAR] Proteus
    clan; team battlestars
  3. (WoC|A_roofs
    Who will fight with who? Cant find any table :)
  4. TinCow
    The bracket will be randomly generated by the system once the tournament begins, so you will find out then. We are currently discussing whether to override the random system to ensure that top-ranked players do not end up against each other in the first round. A full seeding system is way too complex for us, but that kind of minor tweaking might help make the contest a bit more fair and exciting.
  5. Kocmoc
    As TinCow pointed out already, there are two ways to look at it.

    1. To look at it Clan-wise and try to not let clan-member fight too early vs. each other - would reflect the overall skill of the clans
    2. To look at it Player-wise and try to not let the top player meet each other too early - would reflect the skill lvl of different player

    If you want there is a 3rd way and just go for it randomly.
  6. 00owl
    Will we be able to watch other player's battles?
  7. Kocmoc
    Will we be able to watch other player's battles?
    People have to save all replays and send them to us or upload it. Yes, we plan to upload the replays and people can download it and watch it.

    We also will make some youtube vids of the topgames, probably the semi finals till the finals, depends a bit on the amount of time we have for that.
  8. MatsudaTadashi
    Woo sponsored by CA, awesome :D.
  9. water
    hey all just wondering if i can get more clarification on 19/20 gmt start time i assume its plus 20 gmt?
  10. AggonyKing
    should be gmt+ or standard time. google gmt and you will find time converters pages if you need to get the time down right :)
  11. water
    didnt help like it it just standard GMT like london and that like coordinated universal time in my windows clock.?
  12. 00owl
    What are the rules for no-shows? Is there a "check-in" thread?
  13. TinCow
    We will decide on no-shows during the event. If there's only a handful, we'll disqualify them and move to round two. If there's a lot, we'll extend the round to cover all of tonight, and possibly longer. We want to keep the tournament moving, but we also don't want to force half the players to forfeit. There's not much precedent for running a tournament with this many people in such a short time span, so we're going to be lenient. Regardless, we will keep everyone updated about every decision we make regarding timing/forfeits in the 'Official' thread.
  14. Dayaveer
  15. perablenta
    Seriously people speed it up, its 22.00 here, and right now there have been only 9 matches finished!
  16. 00owl
    guess its gonna take longer than one day.
  17. TinCow
    We extended the time to finish Round 1 to Midnight GMT Sunday night (a bit less than 24 hours from now). After that, there will be a blanket DQ of those who are late. We are currently well over 50% played on the first round with more underway, so I think we'll be able to get about 75% complete before the deadline, which is very good. From Round 2 onwards, it should move a lot fast, as the people with serious time constraints will be gone. This will probably be a 1 week tournament, start to finish. I really doubt it will go longer than next weekend, which, I would like to point out, was specifically contemplated in the original rules:

    The Tournament will start on 7th May around 19/20 GMT and we will play as many rounds as possible until 03:00 GMT. Further matches will be played on 8th May, to hopefully complete the tournament. If more time is required after 8th May, more matches will be held on the following weekend, 14th & 15th May.
  18. Cu'Roi
    good tournament, thanks for hosting. can't wait for the next!
  19. AzureTotalWar
    Losing to Sabre in the first round no longer bothers me.

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