MTW Bishop

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Cost: 100
Faction Discount: French
Turns to Build: 1
Culture: Catholic
Buildings Needed: Church
Unit Card: Bishop.gif

The Bishop is the first religious agent available to Catholic factions. They will perform the bulk of the religious work of a Catholic faction, responsible for spreading and maintaining the faith throughout the empire. Once recruited, Bishops cost no upkeep and will only be removed from the game if they are assassinated.


  • A Bishop positioned in a province owned by another faction will reveal all buildings and troops present in the province. Religious agents are less likely to be assassinated by other factions than emissaries, but they are not immune.
  • A Bishop positioned in any province will convert the populace of a province to Catholicism, with a 2% conversion rate. This conversion is believed to be limited to 3 Bishops or Cardinals in a single province, and the conversion rate may be increased with higher valour. Bishops that cause a religious revolt in an enemy province will gain valour.
  • A Bishop positioned in a province will decrease the effectiveness of an Inquisition. Thus they can be used to protect generals and family members from the stake.
  • A Bishop can be used to propose ceasefires and alliances with other factions. This is done by dropping the Bishop on the leader of the faction desired (or an emissary?). The faction does not have to be Catholic. If the Bishop is successful, he will gain valour.


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