VI Bonnachts

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Unit Type: Missile
Combat Stats
Charge: 4
Attack: 5
Defence: -3
Armour: 1
Shield: Small
Speed: 6, 10, 11
Morale: 0
Unit Costs
Recruitment: 250
Upkeep: 2
Unit Restrictions
Factions: Irish
Buildings Needed: Royal Palace
Unit Card: BONNACHTS.gif

Unit Description

Bonnachts are the high powered infantry of the Irish faction. They have one heavy spear for throwing, and good charge and attack stats for melee. Their low defense means they will die quickly, but they can dish out the damage even faster. Although they are not classified as spearmen, they come in units of 100 (on default sizes), which makes them even more resilient.

One caution on their use: they start battles in skirmish formation. Due to the short range of their spears and the melee role they serve, they should be taken off skirmish as soon as the battle begins.

Missile Statistics

Missile Statistics - Weapon Type: Heavy Spear
Ammo Range(meters) Accuracy Lethality Power Armour Modifier Reload Time
1 30 0.15 4 2 0.3 3

Bonnachts have 1 heavy spear for throwing. This spear can be devastating, with good power and armour penetration. Recommended use is to come into range of an enemy unit, throw the volley of spears, and then charge the target unit. The excellent charge and attack values of Bonnachts, combined with the damage and morale penalties accrued from the spear volley, should make the enemy unit crumble.

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